Bubbler Bottom Filter Bf1


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Bubbler Bottom Filter Bf1

Simple And Efficient: The Filter Is Simple And Efficient For All Small Aquariums And Fish Bowls, A Simple Design And Efficient Filtering, Utilizing The ½” Lift Tube

Bottom Filter System: Fits Perfectly In The Corner, Or Anywhere Else On The Bottom Of Your Tank. Measures Approximately 3.25”L X 2.75”W

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A Simple, Efficient Filter For Your Aquarium, The Bubbler Aquarium Bottom Filter By Penn Plax Is Perfect To Mechanically And Chemically Filter Your Aquarium Or Fish Tank / Bowl. Easy To Assemble And Simple To Use, One Filter Is Perfect For Your 10 Gallon (Or Smaller) Tank. The ½? Lift Tube Provides Greater Efficiency For The Bottom Filter System, And The Bubbles Help To Aerate And Oxygenate Your Tank.