Penn Plax Bird Bath With Mirror – Small Bird


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Penn Plax Bird Bath With Mirror – Small Bird

Simply Designed: Made Of Durable Plastic, This Bath Will Add A Classic Look To Your Bird’S Cage.

Small In Size For Small Birds: This Bird Bath Measures 5.75’’L X 3.25’’W X 1.75’’H.

Mirror At The Base: For Added Stimulation, The Mirror Is There To Keep Your Bird Interested And Engaged.

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The Penn Plax Bird Bath Is Simply Designed And Will Add A Classic Look To Your Pet Bird?S Cage. Made Of A Lightweight And Durable Material, The Bird Bath Includes A Mirror At The Base For Added Stimulation For Your Bird. Shop Penn Plax For All Your Pet Needs. Penn Plax Sells Fish, Reptile, Bird, Small Animal, Cat, And Dog Items. Fish Items Include Stunning Tanks, Breeding Tanks, Ornaments, And Décor, As Well As Air Pumps, Vacation Feeders, Bubble Walls, Nets, Dividers, Thermometers, Gravel Vacuums, Algae Scrapers, Air Tubing, Toxin Removers, Air Stones, Filters, And Cartridges. Small Animal Items Include Habitats, Wheels, Tubing, Feeding Dishes, And Toys. For Birds, Penn Plax Sells Perches, Toys, Cuttlebone, Baths, Bells, And Swings. For Dogs And Cats, There Are Available Toys, Stairs, Crates, Furniture, And Cooling Collars And Mats. Reptile Items Include Terrariums, Lamps, Climber Vines, Rocks, And Other Decorations. Penn Plax Is Your One Stop Shop For Everything You Need, Pet Wise.