Pet Company Gripsoft Cat Nail Clippers Non-Slip Handle One Size Fits All


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Pet Company Gripsoft Cat Nail Clippers Non-Slip Handle One Size Fits All

Comfortable Length: Short Length Of The Kitten And Cat Nail Trimmer Allows Easy Control And Maneuvering For Safe And Precise Clipping. Non-Slip Rubber Handle Won’T Shift Or Move.

Quick And Easy: Cat Nail Clipper Is Designed To Make Trimming Kitty Claws Quick And Easy For A Stress-Free Experience. The Pet Nail Clipper Is Suitable For All Cat Breeds, Ages And Sizes.

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The Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clippers Help Provide Safer And More Comfortable Trimming. The Short Length Of The Cat Claw Trimmer Allows Ultimate Precision And Control. The Small Blades Of The Pet Nail Clipper Allow For Safer And More Precise Trimming. The Blades Also Provide Quick And Easy Clipping For A Stress-Free Experience. Featuring A Rubber Non-Slip Handle, The Cat Nail Clipper Provides Pet Parents With A Comfortable And Stable Grip. The Gripsoft Cat Nail Clippers Are Available In One Size That Conveniently Fits All Breeds And Sizes Of Cats And Can Also Be Used As Kitten Nail Clippers.