Double-Sided Dog Comb Green


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Double-Sided Dog Comb Green

Puppy Dog Comb: Use The Li’L Pals Double-Sided Comb Everyday For Fun And Exercise

Dog Brushes For Grooming: Made Of Stainless Steel And Features Closely Spaced Teeth To Lift Out Fleas And Burs

Pet Brushes & Combs: Helps Remove Mats And Tangles

Dog Grooming Brush: To Use This Dog Comb, Begin Combing With The Wider Spaced Teeth Until The Comb Runs Smoothly Through The Coat And Always Remember To Comb In The Direction Of Hair Growth

Li’L Pals: This Collection Provides Just The Right Fit For Petite Dogs By Offering Smaller Sizes Of Grooming Products

Age Range Description: All Life Stages

Material Type: Plastic

Best Suited For Puppies And Toy Breeds

Brush With Long Strokes In The Direction Of The Hair Growth

Brushing Distributes Natural Oils, Leaving A Shiny, Healthy Coat

Lifts Out Loose Hair And Debris

Perfect For Use With Ill Pals Slicker Brush

The Li’L Pals Double-Sided Dog Comb Is Designed To Untangle And Smooth The Coat. Li’L Pals Double-Sided Dog Combs Are Scaled Down To The Perfect Proportion And Easy To Grip. Li’L Pals Dog Grooming Tools Are Perfect For Puppies And Toy Breeds, And Encourage A Stronger Bond Between The Owner And Pet.