Reptile Habitat Décor Hideouts Bark Bends Small


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Reptile Habitat Décor Hideouts Bark Bends Small

Naturalistic Appearance Of Natural Wood Bark Blends In With Terrestrial Or Aquatic Environments

Satisfies The Need For Burrowing Animals To Instinctively Dig, Find Privacy And Overhead Coverage

Set Open Ends Alongside The Glass Or Look Through The Window At The Top To Get A Fascinating Glimpse Of Activity

Non-Porous Exterior Resists Bacterial Growth

Easy To Clean With Warm, Soapy Water And Rinse

Bark Bends Provide The Private Den All Burrowing Reptiles Crave, While Also Offering A Window On Their Fascinating Behavior. Set The Open Sides Of A Bark Bend Against The Side Of The Terrarium Glass For An Unobstructed View Of Burrowing, Shedding And Nesting. The Exterior Is Hand Crafted To Look Natural And Blend In Easily With Both Aquatic And Terrestrial Habitats. A Non-Porous Synthetic Finish Won’T Rot Like Real Wood, And Cleans Quickly With A Mild Soap Solutoin. Three Size Choices Suit Reptiles Both Small And Large.