Reptile Food Gut Load Cricket Drink With Calcium 16-Ounce


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Reptile Food Gut Load Cricket Drink With Calcium 16-Ounce

Ideal Water Source For Feeder Crickets — Provides About 25% More Calcium Content In Crickets!

Reduce Early Death Of Feeder Crickets Caused By Drowning, Dehydration Or Bacterial Contamination Of The Water Source

Sanitary And Ready To Pour In A Resealable Container

Simply Distribute A Small Amount And Refill As Needed

An Additional Water Source Is Not Required

Ordinary Water Can Be Hazardous In A Terrarium Of Crickets, Tarantulas Or Scorpions, Thanks To Waterborne Bacteria And The Danger Of Drowning. Protect And Refresh Feeder Insects And Valuable Pets With Sanitary Cricket Drink As A Hydration Source. Simply Place Pre-Blended Cricket Drink In A Shallow Dish…Itâ??S Formulated With Surfactants That Allow Insects To Drink Safely. Ideal For Any Size Insect, From The Smallest Pinhead Cricket To The Adult Tarantula. Choose Standard Cricket Drink Or A Variety With Calcium, A Naturally Palatable Way To Ease Essential Calcium Into Your Reptile Petâ??S Diet.