Goldfish Food Color Enhancing Granules 3-Ounce


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Goldfish Food Color Enhancing Granules 3-Ounce

Contains A Unique Blend Of Natural Astaxanthin And Spirulina Which Helps To Promote Brilliant Colors In Fish

Formulated With Natural Ingredients And Colors With Added Vitamins, Minerals And Trace Nutrients For A Healthy Diet

Helps Support A Healthy Immune System And Bring Out The True Colors Of Your Fish

Specially Formulated So That Fish Utilize More Of What They Eat, Creating Less Waste

Feed In Small Amounts That Fish Will Consume In Under 2 Minutes

Whether Your’Re Feeding Common Goldfish, Fancy Orandas Or Koi, Goldfish Foods Provide A Daily Diet To Meet Their Nutritional Needs. Foods Were Developed With Premium Ingredients And Unique Formulas To Keep Fish Healthy And Energetic. Foods Contain Only Natural Ingredients And Contain No Artificial Colors. The Colors Of The Foods Are Attributed To The Actual Ingredients In The Formula, And Help To Bring Out The Natural Colors In Your Fish.