Pearlscaper Fish Tank Decorations Corkscrew Valisneria Plant 8In Pp867


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Pearlscaper Fish Tank Decorations Corkscrew Valisneria Plant 8In Pp867

Corkscrew Vallisneria Plastic Plant Aquarium Decoration For Aquatic Environments Undulates With Currents

Undulates With Currents And The Translucent Colors Won’T Fade

Easy To Install And Secure, Simply Bury Base In Aquarium Gravel

Made Of Safe, Non-Toxic Silk Material That Will Not Affect Aquarium Water Chemistry

Medium Fish Tank Decoration Measures 8 Inches Tall (20.32Cm)

Let The Pearlscaper Plants Add Some Lush, Colorful Landscape To Your Fish Aquarium. Design Your Very Own Aquatic Paradise With Authentic, Realistic-Looking Plastic Aquarium Plants, All Molded After The Real Thing. Choose From A Variety Of Styles And Colors So You Can Your Own Stunning Aquarium Decorations Display. Your Fish Will Love Them, Too! The Color Will Also Not Fade And Is Completely Safe For All Fish Tank Occupants. These Plants Are A Great Way To Provide Your Pet Fish With A Fun Colorful Environment To Live In. Unlike Real Plants For Fish Tanks The Fake Plants Are Easy To Maintain And Clean. For Cleaning Simply Hand Wash With Warm Water. This Piece Of Aquarium Décor Was Designed To Be A Corkscrew Valisneria Plant And Is 8In (20.32Cm) Tall. For More Fish Tank Accessories Check Out The Other Products Including Aquarium Filters, Filter Media, Aquarium Heaters, Aquarium Air Pumps, Aquarium Lights, Aquarium Rocks, Aquarium Thermometer, And Aquarium Stands. Has A Wide Variety Of Products That Are Perfect For Your Pet Fish Or Betta Fish To Enjoy In Any Large Fish Tank, Small Fish Tank Or In A Freshwater Tank.