Sbc-00200 Chicken Dog Chew Mini 8 Pieces/Pack


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Sbc-00200 Chicken Dog Chew Mini 8 Pieces/Pack

Rawhide-Free: Easy-To-Digest Dog Chews Made With Wholesome Ingredients.

Real Chicken: Made With A Vegetable Outside Wrapped Around Real Chicken Inside.

Easy To Digest: Highly Digestible And 100% Delicious.

Helps Maintain Healthy Teeth: Chews Have All The Benefits Of A Rawhide Chew Without The Rawhide – Chewing Helps Maintain Healthy Teeth.

Bone Shapes: 8 Fun-Shaped Chew Treats Dogs Love.

Now Made In Vietnam; Made With Real Chicken And Vegetables


Easy To Digest

Vitamin & Mineral Enriched

Chewing Helps Maintain Healthy Teeth

Chicken Dog Chew, Mini Rawhide-Free Dog Treattaste Dogs Love!The Smart Alternative To Rawhide Is The Next Generation Dog Chew That Has All The Benefits Of A Rawhide Chew – Without The Rawhide. Chews Are Made With Real Chicken And Provide Your Dog With Needed Chewing Exercise And Great Taste. Are Available In Four Delicious Flavors: Chicken, Peanut Butter, Dental And Sweet Potato.Taste Dogs Love!Independent Digestibility Studies Show That Chews Are Over 99% Digestible. Our Standards Required More Than Two Years Of Formulation And Re-Formulation To Finally Achieve A 99.2% Digestibility. A Percentage Reached By Maintaining High Standards And Using High Quality Ingredients. To Put The Digestibility Percent In Perspective, Even The Best Dog Foods Achieve Only 85% Total Digestibility. Because Of This, You Can Rest Assured That Your Dog Will Get Maximum Nutritional Value From Chews. Smaller Stools Are An Additional Benefit. For Smart Dogs.Quality & Safety Are Our Priorityour Factories Follow Strict U. S. Quality Control Protocols, Are Fully Certified, And Are Among The Most Modern And Safest Manufacturing Facilities In The World. Our Us-Based Quality Control Team Is Closely Involved In Assuring Quality Standards Are Strictly Met In All Stages Of Product Manufacturing. Our Extreme Quality Control Programs Ensure Only The Highest Quality Pet Products Possible. We Are Committed To Providing The Healthiest, Tastiest, Safest Pet Chews Available. Chicken Product Features And Benefits:Provides A Healthier Dog Chew Alternative For Pet Parents Looking For Chews Without Rawhide Made With Vegetables And Chicken Breast 99% Digestible Fortified With Vitamins And Minerals Multiple Flavors & Shapes Within Each Brand