Chip Mix Snack For All Dogs Chicken 16-Ounce


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Chip Mix Snack For All Dogs Chicken 16-Ounce

Infusion Of Real Chicken Bits With High Quality, Natural Rawhide Chips

93 Percent Fat Free

Healthy And Fun To Chew, Promotes Clean Teeth And Gums

Packaging May Vary

Product Descriptionthe Brand Combines Powerful Flavors And Benefits To Create Bones, Chews And Treats That Are Sure To Keep You And Your Dog Wanting More. With A Wide Variety Of Shapes And Flavors, There Are Options For Any Size Companion. Chip Mix Is A Combination Of Premium Rawhide Chips And Chunks Of Real Chicken Dogs Can’T Resist. In Addition To Being Preferred Over Standard Rawhide Chips, Chip Mix Is Healthy And Easy To Chew Because We Combined The Teeth-Cleaning Benefits Of Rawhide Chips With The Real Chicken Flavors Dogs Crave. Now Dogs Have A Unique Rawhide Chip Packs With The Flavor You’Ve Come To Expect. These Chips Are Also Packed With Protein! This Healthy, Fun Chew Promotes Clean Teeth By Preventing Tartar Buildup From The Natural Action Of Chewing. Whether Your Pet Has Been Especially Good Or You Simply Want To Show Your Love, Let Your Dog Rip Into Flavor With The Chip Mix!The Story Behind The Bonein The 1990’S, The Brand Started With A Man Named Les And His Dog, . Like Most Dogs, Had An Instinctual Need To Chew, And To His Owner’S Dismay, Enjoyed Gnawing On Furniture And Destroying Shoes. In Hopes Of Fixing ‘S Behavioral Problems, Les Attempted Replacing Shoes With Rawhide Bones. Unfortunately, Was Not A Fan Of These Traditional Rawhide Chews. Rather Than Giving Up Hope, Les Searched For An Alternate Solution. Coincidentally, Les’S Wife Worked For A Jerky Company, And Loved The Jerky Treats. Due To ‘S Adoration Of The Jerky, Les Began Soaking The Traditional Rawhide Bones In Water And Filling Them With Jerky, Leaving Some Jerky Around The Edges For To See. And With That, The Bone Was Born. Finally, Had A Treat That He Loved, While Still Being Able To Fulfill His Chewing Needs. Now Your Dog Can Enjoy The Original Chew In The Form Of Mini Bones.The Healthy Treat Dogs Lovethe Traditional Rawhide Bone Is A Durable, Edible Bone That Serves As A Common Treat For Dogs. With The Mini Packs, Dogs Reap The Dental Benefits Of Teeth Cleansing And Gum Conditioning, While Also Enjoying The Meaty Flavor That The Bone Ensures. Because All Bones Are Hand Tied With Real Meat In The Middle, They Provide The Highest Quality Treat For Your Dog. This Treat Is Both Easily Digestible And Soft Enough Not To Damage Dogs’ Teeth, Making It A Safe And Healthy Bone That Your Dog Will Love.One Of A Kindin 1997, The Brand Was Granted A Patent For The Single Most Logical Improvement On The Rawhide Dog Chew In Thirty Years. Due To Its Meat In The Middle Quality, The Bone Is The Only Product Of Its Kind On The Market. This Allows Dogs To Experience A Unique Treat That’S Innovation And Uniqueness Separates It From Traditional Rawhide Bones. Although Competitors Have Attempted To Mimic The Bone, No Other Product Combines Rawhide With Real Meat In The Middle To Create A Longer-Lasting Treat That Encourages Your Dog To Chew Through The Entire Bone. Comes In Various Types! Comes In Different Shapes, Flavors And Functional Forms: Knotted Bones Rolls, Chips & Twists Novelty Shapes Naturals Soft & Chewy Healthy & Flavorful Chews Dental Tartar Control Dental Total Care Dental Fresh Breath Munchy