Reptile Food Juvenile Iguana Fortified 6.5-Ounce


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Reptile Food Juvenile Iguana Fortified 6.5-Ounce

Juvenile Iguanas Are Primarily Herbivores That Consume Plants And Flowers In The Wild And This Food Is Formulated With Ingredients They Need To Promote Growth And Vibrant Color

Can Be Fed With Other Foods Or Be The Primary Diet

Feeding Amounts Will Vary, Begin With One Tablespoon Per Length Of Foot Of The Animal Or Approximately As Much As The Juvenile Iguana Will Eat In One 12 Hour Period – Adjust As Needed

Food May Be Moistened To Increase Palatability

Store In A Cool, Dry Place For Maximum Freshness

A Young Iguana (Generally Less Than 12Â? In Nose-To-Tail Length) Must Eat Differently Than Mature Pets To Promote Long-Term Healthy Tissue And Bones. Meets These Special Needs With A Food Richer In Calcium And Other Nutrients, In A Recipe Adjusted To The Daily Feeding Schedule That Top Breeders Recommend For Juveniles. The Necessary Minerals Are Blended With A Pet-Pleasing Mix Of Plant And Flower Analogues, Shaped And Sized For Maximum Attractiveness And Healthy Digestion Without Chewing. An Ideal Base Food For A Long Life Of Glowing Good Health, Packaged In A Shelf-Friendly Jar With Labeling That Attracts Iguana Owners.  Â