140 Timothy Gold Hay 24 Oz Blue


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140 Timothy Gold Hay 24 Oz Blue

Pure, Sweet, Nutritious And Natural

Essential Fiber For An Optimal Healthy Digestive System

Supports Necessary Dental Wear

Hay That Is Naturally Green, Sweet, Aromatic, And Tasty, But Contains Broad Leaves, And Soft Stems? American Pet?S Timothy Gold Hay Is The Ideal Source To Meet All Of Your Small Herbivores Needs. From Keeping Their Digestive Tracts In Balance To Satisfying Their Appetite, Our Timothy Gold Hay Is Our Number One Selling Product Simply Because Of Its Quality And Delicious Smell Pets Just Love It! Buyers From All Over The World Source Their Timothy Hay From American Pet Because We Are Known For Our World-Renowned Quality, Nutrition, And Palatability. Packaged In Resealable (Clip) Poly Bag.