Chicken Liver Rawhide Mini Dog Bones 26-Count


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Chicken Liver Rawhide Mini Dog Bones 26-Count

Digest 2 Times Faster Than Standard Rawhide

No Additives, Binders Or Artificial Colors

Ideal For Toy Dogs

Digests Two Times Faster Than Standard Rawhide*. Better Digestion For Your Dog Means More Peace Of Mind For You. Free Of Fillers, Binders And Artificial Colors; These Are Sure To Become Your Pooch’S Favorite New Chew. Standard Rawhide Is Made Of Millions Of Collagen Fibers That Link Together Makinge The Hide Tough Abut Flexible. ‘S Patented Technology Breaks Down The Collagen Fibers To Make Digestion Quick And Easy. Each Chew Is Gluten Free And Breaks Down Easily And Rapidly To Help Reduce The Incidents Of Blockage Within Your Dog’S Digestive Tract. Mini Bones Give Your Pup A Classic Shaped Chew With Original Chicken Liver Flavor They Love. Treat Small Size Dog To These Digestible Bones And Zip Bag To Close And Preserve Freshness. Finding The Perfect Chew That Both You And Your Dog Can Love Can Be Difficult, But Chews Are Here To Make It Easier. Always Supervise Your Dog During Consumption Of Chews.