Algae Grazers 3.5Oz Green


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Algae Grazers 3.5Oz Green

Nutritional Diet For Ultimate Health, Color And Digestion

Less Waste (Cleaner Aquarium)

Ingredients Sourced From Us And Canada

Made In The Usa

Cobalt Algae Grazers Is An Eclectic Mix Of Aquatic And Plant Based Ingredients Ranging From Fish Meal, Dried Spirulina Algae, Carrots, To Celery And Spinach That Are Combined To Form A Sinking Diet That Is Perfect For Bottom Feeding Aquatic Herbivores, Such As Plecos And Other Algae Eaters. Formulated For High Palatability, Digestibility, Minimal Tank Waste, To Sink Quickly And Soften Slowly, Allowing Time For Shy Nocturnal Animals To Feed And Reduce Waste In The Aquarium. Will Not Cloud Water.