Good Golly Beef Gullet Sticks – Grain Free Dog Chews 100% Beef Gullet 5 Pack Of 6-Inch Sticks


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Good Golly Beef Gullet Sticks – Grain Free Dog Chews 100% Beef Gullet 5 Pack Of 6-Inch Sticks

Free Ranging: Made From Free Range, Grass Fed Beef Raised Without The Use Of Antibiotics Or Added Hormones.

Limited Ingredient: These Simple, Squeaky Clean, Single Ingredient Chews Are Great For Small Breed And Large Breed Pups, Adults, Puppies And Senior Dogs.

No Fillers, All Love: No By-Product Meals, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Rice, Artificial Preservatives, Flavors, Or Colors. Nothing Weird Or Scary.

Highly Digestible: Delicious, Natural And Safe Alternative To Rawhide.Plus They Won’T Stain Carpets Or Rugs.

Protien Rich: Our Free Range Chews Are High In Protein And Low In Fat.They’Re Great For Treats, As An Everyday Snack, Or Whenever You Need Your Dog To Do Something Other Than Drool On Your Couch For Twenty Minutes At A Clip.

Promotes Healthy Teeth: Chewing Promotes Dental Health, Plus These Are Way Tastier To Chew On Than Shoes.

Satisfaction d. We Too Are Pet Parents And Believe In 100% Happiness. Please Reach Us At Service@Ilypet And We’Ll Make It Right. We’D Pinky Swear If, Like, Pets Had Fingers.

Allergy Safe Pet Food And Treats

There Are Few Human Emotions That Can Rival What Your Dog Will Experience With Good Golly Gullet Sticks. It?S The Anticipation Of The Snack Cart Moving Closer To Your Airplane Row. It?S The Sheer Wonder Of Two Bags Of Potato Chips Coming Out Of The Vending Machine When You Only Purchased One. It?S The Simultaneous Joy And Satisfaction Of Making A Garbage Bin Bank Shot And Having People Around To Witness It. Sourced From Grass Fed, Free Range Cattle In Brazil, Good Golly Gullet Sticks Are A 100% Natural, Irresistible Treat Sure To Produce Emotions Worthy Of A James Cameron Movie Score. And Also Drool.