Munchy Stix Rawhide And Chicken Treat For Dogs 30 Ct


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Munchy Stix Rawhide And Chicken Treat For Dogs 30 Ct

Made With Real Chicken

Perfect For Older Dogs And Puppies Who Need A Softer Treat

Snack For All Dogs

Packaging May Vary

Brand Combines Powerful Flavors And Benefits To Create Bones, Chews And Treats That Are Sure To Keep Your Dog Wanting More. Pet Parents Want The Best For Their Dogs And Only The Most Wholesome And Delicious Treats Will Do. With A Wide Variety Of Shapes And Flavors, There Are Options For Any Size Companion. Reward Your Dog With A Delicious Treat That Satisfies You Both! Munchy Stix Are Packed With Flavor. Each Snack Has Real Chicken Bits In Every Bite! They Are Easy To Chew And Great For Puppies Or Older Dogs. Not Only Are These Munchy Stix An Excellent Treat For Your Dog They Are Beneficial For Their Teeth, Too. Through The Natural Action Of Chewing These Treats Are Able To Remove Plaque And Calculus Buildup That Would Otherwise Be Harmful To Your Dog. The Munchy Stix Are A Great Snack For Small, Medium And Large Dogs.