Rabbit Seagrass Mat 7.8? X 11? Edible Handmade Hay Mat For Sleeping Chewing Nesting Great Boredom Buster Rabbit Teeth Trimmer Nutritious


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Rabbit Seagrass Mat 7.8? X 11? Edible Handmade Hay Mat For Sleeping Chewing Nesting Great Boredom Buster Rabbit Teeth Trimmer Nutritious Snack 1-Pack

Comfortable Mats For Your Bunnies — Small Pets Like Rabbits Love The Outdoors. An Environment That Appeals To Their Innate Behavior Is Always Attractive To Them. The Seagrass Mats By Is Hand-Woven And Has A Very Distinct Feel And Smell Of The Great Outdoors That These Nature-Loving Creatures Adore. The Scent Of Earth And The Warmth It Brings Always Provide Comfort And Soothes Them.

Protects Sensitive Feet, Sore Hocks Healer — Wired Cage Floors Can Injure These Energetic Animals. These Seagrass Weave Mats When Placed As Additional Flooring Pad Inside Their Cage Stay Flat And Intact. It Also Averts Your Pets From Being Injured Or Getting Any Skin Disease.

Provides Enjoyable Chewing Time — As This Is Made From Seagrass And Nothing Else, This Is Edible. For Your Bunnies, Chewing Is An Important Activity. Having An Edible Mat Available In Their Cage Can Help Them Stay Happy And Healthy. Having This In Their Habitat, Your Foraging Pet Will Always Be Provided With The Necessary High Fiber He Needs And Craves.

Multi-Purpose Bedding — More Than Just Being Chewable Play Mats And Resting Ground, These Can Also Serve As A Blank Canvass Of Creative Ideas For Pet Owners. Measuring 7.8”X 11” Or ( 20 X 28 ), You May Use Them Whole, As Pockets For Rewards When You Hide Treats In Between Sheets Or Even Create A Hammock By Putting Strings At The Ends. These Playful Creatures Under Your Care Will Be Kept Occupied And Will Develop Their Hunting Skills Further.

Durable & Waterproof — The Main Raw Material, Seagrass Is Extremely Resistant To Water. Probably, It Is The Comfiest Flooring You Can Use Inside The Cage. Even If Your Nibbling Friends Urinate On These Mats, Clearing Won’T Be A Problem. You Just Have To Quickly Rinse With Water, And Air Dry.

If You Have A Cute, Little Rabbit, Bring Home The 12″ X 12″ Seagrass Mat, A Yummy Chewable, Comfortable Play-Mat For Your Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Dutch Lop, Mini Lop, Netherland Dwarf And Other Pocket Pets. How Can You Let Go Of The Playtime With Your Little Bunny? This Is The Only Time Where You Can Forge A Special Bond With Them.

The Seagrass Mat From Is A Multi-Utility Mat That You Can Use It Either As A Bedding Or As A Chewable Toy. There Are Wired And Plastic Mats Available In The Market, But They Are Not As Comfortable For Your Dear Pet As This Seagrass Mat. This Mat Is Handmade And Beautifully Interwoven With Seagrass Fibers Making It Edible. As Your Pet Starts Munching On The Mat, You Will Be Spared From The Task Of Clearing Your Furniture And Carpets.

The Rabbit Mat Is Very Easy To Care For And Has High Water-Retention Properties That Rid You Of Wiping Off Your Pet’S Pee Each Time. Simply Use A Damp Paper Towel Over The Surface And The Bad Odor Is Removed.

It’S Hand-Woven Especially For Small Animals And Provides The Utmost Comfort To Them. It Is Also Suitable To Be Placed Inside Large Cages.

So, As A Conscientious Pet Owner, It Is Your Duty To Make A Smart Move And Give Your Pet Only The Best!