Betta Treat 0.11 Oz


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Betta Treat 0.11 Oz

Nutritious Treat: Freeze-Dried Blood Worms Are An Excellent High-Protein Treat For All Bettas. These Full-Bodied, Authentic Bloodworms Are Also Rich In Vitamins And Minerals!

Colorful Results: Provides Natural Color Enhancement!

Safe Alternative: Freeze-Dried Bloodworms Are Just As Nutritious As Live Food, Without The Risk Of Bacteria Or Parasites

Instructions: Feed As A Part Of A Varied Diet, Which Should Include At Least One Staple Food. Feed Daily, Using Only As Much Food As Fish Can Consume In Two Minutes

d Analysis: Min Crude Protein 55% / Min Crude Fat 3% / Max Crude Fiber 5% / Max Moisture 5%

Our Genuine Bloodworms Are Now Available In A Smaller Size Developed Just For Bettas. They Are A Protein-Rich Snack That Will Help Keep Your Betta Happy, Healthy, And Vibrant.