Freeze-Dried Cat Treats


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Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

Made With Only 1 Ingredient; 100% Pure & Natural Ocean-Caught Human Grade Minnow.

Minnow 1.09Oz

31G Has 6.4Oz Of Raw Minnow Per Bag And On Average 308 Treats Per Bag.

100% Natural, Pure And Easy To Digest Without Any Added Preservatives.

On Average 1 Calorie Per Treat And High In Protein.

Ocean-Caught Minnow Is A Great Source Of Omega 3 And Omega 6 Fatty Acids For A Healthy Skin & Coat.

Go Ahead, Turn The Bag Around And Look At Our Ingredients. Are Made With Only 1 Ingredient; 100% Pure & Natural Minnow. Cats Love The Taste Of Because Our Treats Are Freeze Dried Raw To Lock In The Aroma, Texture And Freshness They Crave. Cat Parents Love Because Our Treats Are 100% Pure And Rich In Nutrients For A Happy And Healthy Life.