Submersible Aquarium Water Pump 3 Watts Comes With 5.9-Foot Power Cord Hydrodynamic Design Perfect For Both Freshwater And Saltwater Tanks


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Submersible Aquarium Water Pump 3 Watts Comes With 5.9-Foot Power Cord Hydrodynamic Design Perfect For Both Freshwater And Saltwater Tanks Maximum Flow Rate Of 53 Gph

Easily Camouflaged, Compact Size — Small, But Powerful The Aquarium Water Pump Is A Convenient Size Of 1.77” X 1.69” X 1.18” (4.5Cm X 4.3Cm X 3.0Cm). At This Proportion, The Pump Can Easily Be Hidden Behind Aquarium Decorations, Shells Or Plants.

Durable, Lightweight Materials — Suitable For Both Freshwater And Seawater Tanks, The Aquarium Water Pump Is Constructed With A Sturdy Abs Plastic Housing, High-Quality Ceramic Movement, And An Anti-Rust, Anti-Wear Stainless Steel Shaft Core. The Aquarium Pump Includes A 5.9 Foot (1.8M) Long Power Cord.

Efficient And Energy Saving Hydrodynamic Design — Consuming Only 3 Watts Of Power, The Cost-Effective Aquarium Water Pump Saves You Tons Of Money On Energy Costs. Featuring The Seamless Movement Of An Efficient Hydrodynamic Design, The Pump Has A Special Ring On The Mechanics Which Prevents Friction, Saving Even More Energy.

Ultra Quiet German Technology — Using Innovative German Technology, The Silent Movement Operation Of The Aquarium Water Pump Circulates Water Without Disturbing Marine Life. A Practical Rubber Head On The Internal Mechanical Piece Reduces Noise Even More.

Easily Attaches With Secure Anti-Vibration Suction Cups — There Is No Need For Messy Seals Or Oils; The Aquarium Water Pump Is Securely Adhered Vertically Or Horizontally To Glass Tank Walls Using Strong, Anti-Slip, Anti-Vibration Suction Cups.

One Of The Primary Reasons For Installing A Submersible Water Pump Is To Generate Current In The Water. This In Turn, Leads To The Growth Of Beneficial Bacteria That Is Good For Maintaining A Balanced Underwater Ecosystem. Practical And Effective, The 5W Submersible Aquarium Water Pump Quietly Creates Water Movement To Circulate Debris Towards The Filter Leaving Your Fish With A Healthier, Cleaner Environment. Perfect For Small Aquariums, Fountains And Water Regulator Gardens, This Compact 1.77″ X 1.69″ X 1.18″ (4.5Cm X 4.3Cm X 3.0Cm) Water Pump Is Made With Durable Abs Plastic, High-Quality Ceramic And A Stainless Steel Shaft Core. With A Versatile Adjustable Water Flow, The Pump Reaches A Maximum Water Flow Rate Of 84.5 Gallons Per Hour (320 Liters Per Hour) And A Maximum Lift Of 2.3 Feet (0.7 Meters).

Sturdy, Slip And Vibration-Resistant Suction Cups Are Included To Secure The Water Pump To The Glass Tank Either Vertically Or Horizontally. Extremely Quiet And Energy-Efficient, This Highly Beneficial Fish Tank Water Pump Produces Seamless Water Movement Using A Minimal Amount Of Power (5 Watts) And Comes With A 5.9 Foot (1.8 Meter) Power Cord.

For A Healthy And Successful Fish Tank Or Water Fountain And Years Of Reliable, Rewarding Service, Use The Convenient Submersible Aquarium Water Pump With Adjustable Water Flow By .