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Flyer Large

Aerodynamic Dog Frisbee: This Durable Frisbee Toy For Dogs Soars High & Fast For Games Of Fetch In Open Areas. This Dog Toy Is Gentle On Dog’S Mouths & Gums. Floats On Water.

Durable Flying Frisbee: The Flying Disc Toy Is Made Of Dense, Flexible Material That Can Be Gnawed And Chewed On For Long-Lasting Use. Pet Frisbee Is Brightly Colored To Easily Spot In Grass.

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It Flies, It Floats, It’S Flexible! The Whiskerdoodle Tri- Flyer Is A Fun, Durable, Interactive Fetch Toy That Will Keep Your Dog Entertained In & Out Of The Water. This Flexible Dog Toy Flies & Floats–& Even Doubles As A Water Dish When You’Re On The Move. This High-Flying Toy Is Soft & Gentle On Pets’ Teeth & Gums, & Is A Safe Way To Play & Exercise With Your Pup!.