Juvenile Shrimp Food 1.75 Oz. Complete Essential Food For Shrimp Snails And Bottom Feeders


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Juvenile Shrimp Food 1.75 Oz. Complete Essential Food For Shrimp Snails And Bottom Feeders

Boost Your Aquarium Inhabitants’ Immune System — ’S Shrimp Food Is Filled With Spirulina Which Is Rich In Protein, Vitamins, And Minerals To Support Your Pets’ Immune System And Keep Them Healthy.

Increase Your Shrimp Population — Shrimp Need To Be Healthy And Have The Proper Environment To Breed. Nutrition Is An Important Factor For Optimum Breeding. Healthy Shrimp Produce Healthy Young. Boost Your Habitat’S Water Condition By Feeding Shrimp Food For Juveniles And Make The Aquascape More Enticing To Breeding Shrimp With Catappa Leaves (Sold Separately).

Healthier Molting — Molting Is A Vulnerable Time For Amano Shrimp. Our Complete Diet Boosts Bottom Feeders’ Immune System, A Key Component To Successful Molting. When A Tank’S Ph Is Wrong Or The Shrimps Are Not Getting Balanced Nutrition, They May Be Unable To Molt Causing A White Ring And Death Soon After.

Enjoy The Feeding Frenzy — Your Cherry Shrimp And Snails Will Be Ecstatic For This Excellent Food. You’Ll See An Enthusiastic Cloud Of Ghost Shrimp, Loaches, And Plecos As They Excitedly Gorge On These Chunks. Because Your Pets Will Love This Food, You Can Be Confident They Are Getting The Fuel They Need.

Don’T Miss Your Shrimp, Our Food Won’T Cloud — The Juvenile Shrimp Food By Will Not Cloud Or Discolor Your Tank. You May Choose To Break The Chunks Into Little Pieces To Stop Tank Mates From Hogging This Delicious Food. However, You Should Always Remove Uneaten Food To Prevent Altering Your Water’S Ph.

Why Should I Feed My Shrimp, Snail, Or Pleco? Don’T Bottom Feeders Eat Aquarium Microfilm?

The Term “Bottom Feeder” Refers To Aquatic Pets That Prefer To Feed On The Bottom Strata Of An Aquarium Or Body Of Water. Many Pets In The Bottom Feeder Category Do Happily Eat Microfilm Making Them A Valued Member Of Any Aquatic Community. However, They Do Need And Crave Specific Food And Nutrition. These Hard Workers Deserve Food Rich In Proteins And Minerals For Optimal Health And Designed To Sink To Their Preferred Feeding Area. The 1.75 Oz. Pack Of Food For Juvenile Shrimps Will Work As A Growth Supplement. Apart From This, The Mineral Rocks (Sold Separately) By Will Increase Benefits By Strengthening Shrimp And Snail Shells.

How Much Should I Feed My Bottom Feeder And Will This Food Crumble?

No. Our Wholesome Discs Hold Their Shape For Many Hours. It Will Take Some Trial And Error To Find The Correct Amount Of Food. Start With A Small Amount And Increase If Needed. For Every 100 Shrimps, Add One Chunk. You May Increase Or Decrease The Quantity After Observing Their Reaction To The Food. Fish Should Be Finished And Full After Five Minutes Of Eating. If There Is Food Left After Five Minutes, Cut Back The Amount And Remove The Uneaten Food. Uneaten Food Can Negatively Affect Your Water’S Ph.

What Is The Protein In This Complete Food?

We Use Two Top-Quality, Concentrated Sources For Our Food’S Protein. Fish Meal And Spirulina. The Fish Meal Is Packed With Amino Acids And Readily Digested. Fish Meal Is Such A Beneficial And Well-Received Food, It’S Been Used Since The 14Th Century.