Aquarium Sponge Filter Corner Filter Biochemical Cotton Fine Filtering For Fish Tank Up To 21 Gallons


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Aquarium Sponge Filter Corner Filter Biochemical Cotton Fine Filtering For Fish Tank Up To 21 Gallons

Corner Design: Corner Shapemake The Filter Easy To Hide In The Corner Of A Tank. It Also Increases The Surface Area To Get A Better Water And Oxygen Exchange Rate. The Air Infusion Chamber Produces Minute Bubbles Which Increase The Oxygen Solubility. It Provides A Good Living Environment For Fish At The Same Time.

Advantage: Fit For Fish Tank Which Capacity Up To 21 Gallon.It Will Have No Noise, Save Electricity When It Work.

Fine Filtration —- This 6-Layer Corner Cotton Features Fine Filtration That Will Leave Your Aquarium Water Crystal Clear. The Pores On The Sponge Trap Debris, This Mechanical Filtration Keep Your Tank Water Clean.

Simple Maintenance And Assemble: We Recommend To Use Water From The Aquarium To Rinse Off The Sponges. Please Do Not Clean With Hot Water. And It Will Be Better That Replace The Biochemical Cotton Every 6 Months To Ensure The Filtration Effect. The Install Steps Picture As Showed In Our Listing.

Easy To Use: Connect The Tube To The Air Pump And Connect It To The Filter. Plug It In.It’S An Excellent Choice For Aquarium With Small Fish Like Dwarf Chichlid, Guppy, Killifish, Colorful Gods. You Can Use The Corner Sponges For A Good Few Months.

Using Air Pump As The Power Source, The Gas Lift Power Is Large, No Noise, Improve The Dissolved Gas In Water, Combined With Mechanical Filtration, Biological Filtration Principle And Multi-Level Filtration To Achieve Clean And Good Water Quality Stability, Suitable For Each Breeding Of Ornamental Fish, Breeding, Juvenile Fish, Especially For The Colorful Fairy, Small Fish, Fry. Advantage: 1. Improve The Amount Of Dissolved Water In The Breeding Water 2, No Noise, Save Electricity 3, Can Be Used With The Drum, Plug, Upper Filter For Pre-Exquisite Filtration 4, Corner Biochemical Cotton Full Filtration Without Dead Angle Effect 5, Multi-Layer Sponge Design, Can Be Cleaned In Sequence, Moving Cylinder Does Not Affect Water Quality 6, All Types Of Accessories Are Compatible And Flexible Operation Tips: 1. Soak For 5 Minutes In The Water Of The Aquarium (Fish Tank) Before Use. The Filter Will Easily Sink To The Bottom Of The Aquarium (Fish Tank). 2, When Cleaning The Sponge Must Be The Water Of The Aquarium, Or Tap Water, Do Not Use Hot Water Recommendation: Replace Biochemical Cotton Every 6 Months. Package Included: -1 X Biochemical Cotton Air Filter Please Feel Free To Contact Us If You Have Any Questions.Thank You!