Adjustable Reptile Bearded Dragon Harness + 2Pcs Reptile Feeding Pliers Stainless Steel Feeder Tool Reptile Harness Suitable For Small Medium


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Adjustable Reptile Bearded Dragon Harness + 2Pcs Reptile Feeding Pliers Stainless Steel Feeder Tool Reptile Harness Suitable For Small Medium And Large Reptiles

【Unique Shape】 If You Want To Have A Cute Lizard, This Soft Leather With Unique And Cute Wings Makes Your Pet Very Eye-Catching And Individual In The Crowd, Winning The Envy Of Everyone. This Lizard Leash Is Suitable For Most Reptile.

【Luxurious Material】 Our Bearded Dragon Harness Is Made Of Green, High-Quality Soft Leather And Finely Cut. The Light And Strong Nylon Rope Is Connected By Stainless Steel.Safe And Non-Toxic,Animal Friendly And 100% Safe To Use.

【Affordable And Practical Lizard Feeding Tool】 Lizard Set Is Equipped With Two Stainless Steel Feeding Pliers, Cleaning Pliers, Made Of High Quality Stainless Steel, And The Feeding Tool Is Very Flexible And Practical,Can Be Used To Feed Your Beard Dragon Or Clean Up Its Home (Including Feces) Without Staining Your Hands, Very Practical!

【Safety & Functionality】 Our Lizard Leash Has Been Tested To Conform To The Body Structure Of The Lizard. The Soft Leather Does Not Cause Damage To The Lizard While Crawling. The Owner Can Easily Put On And Take Off, Making Travel Easier.

【Exquisite And Affordable Lizard Feeding Set】 Set Of Lizard Leashes Is Available In Three Different Sizes And Is Suitable For Small Animals Of All Ages. If You Have A Young Crawling Pet, This Set Is The Best Choice. You Can Adjust The Size Of The Harness According To The Growth Speed. It Is Suitable For Beard Dragon, Chinese Water Dragon, Gecko, Chameleon, Iguana. And Also Some Other Small Animals Like Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Ferrets Etc.

Adjustable Reptile Harness — Rats Leash Are You Afraid That Your Pet Rat Or Guinea Pig Will Be Lost When You Go Out? Our Lizard Leash Can Help You Take Your Pet Out With Peace Of Mind Or If You Have Friends Around You Feeding A Pet Rat Or Bearded Dragon, This Will Be A Perfect Gift To Surprise Him. Excellent Function ? When You Want To Bring Your Reptile Pet To A Party With Friends, Pull It With A Leash So That It Won’T Be Lost. ? The Leash Length Is 55Inch, Suitable For Neck Girth 0.4-4.5Inch, Great For Small Pet Walking Such As Hamster Rat Ferret Mouse And Squirrels And Etc. ? Color-Matched Belts Of Different Sizes Can Adjust The Circumference Of The Collar Bring Total Comfort For Your Small Pet? Provide A Full Protection In Stomach And Neck When Walking With Your Hamster ? The Belt Has Two Classic And Beautiful Colors That Make Your Pet Very Cool In The Crowd ! You Absolutely Love It ! ? Rat Harness Set Is Perfect For A Gift To A Family Or Friend. Package ? 1 Set Of Red Leash ? 1 Set Of Black Leash Tips ? If You Need To Clean The Harness, Gently Wipe The Surface With A Damp Towel And Dry It Naturally. ? Enjoy The Exclusive Design And Outstanding Quality Of Rat Leash At A Fair Price! We Promise A 60-Day Return From The Date Of Purchase. If There Is Any Problem With Our Harness, We Are Always Here To Help.