?Upgraded Version? Cat Self Groomer With Catnip Longer And Softer Cat Wall Corner Scratcher And Brush For Short Long Fur Cats Massage


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?Upgraded Version? Cat Self Groomer With Catnip Longer And Softer Cat Wall Corner Scratcher And Brush For Short Long Fur Cats Massage Toy For Kitten Puppy

_xdf3b_Upgraded Version: Softer And Longer Cat Self Groomer Made Of Eco-Friendly Plastic Base And Bristles Which Are Longer As Well, Ensure More Comfortable And Gentle Massaging And Grooming, Remove Fur Or Scratch The Cat’S Skin.

_xdf3b_Cat’S Favorite Massage Comb: This Is A Self Grooming Aid For Cats Which Is Designed According To The Cat’S Lifestyle. It Makes Cats Comfortable. The Bristles Are Soft, If You Don’T Want To Install It, You Can Use As A Regular Cat Comb.

_xdf3b_Easyto Install:Can Be Easily Mounted On Either Flat Surfaces Or Corners By Double-Sided Stickers Or Screws. You Can Mount It By Stickers And Screws Together To Avoid Falling Off. Clean The Surfaces Before Mounting. After Mounting, Hold For 2-3 Days To Allow The Tape To Bond Completely To The Surface, Then Let Your Cats Use It.

_xdf3b_ Easy To Clean:This Corner Groomer Will Help To Remove And Collect Cat’S Loose Hairs, The Brush Part Can Be Disassembled Easily For Cleaning And Re-Locked On The Base, Convenient For Long-Lasting Use.

_xdf3b_ Package:Includes One Cat Self Groomer, A Small Pouch Of Catnip Herb, Screws And Adhesive Strip, For Use In The Inner Brush Compartment As An Extra Incentive.

How To Prevent The Self Brush From Falling Off ? Choose A Good Installation Position Before Installation. It Is Better To Choose The Place Where The Cat Likes To Lie Down Or Rest.The Cat Will Be More Likely To Fall In Love With It. Try Not To Choose The Place Where The Cat Likes To Scratch. The Cat May Think It Is Not The Product It Likes. If You Choose To Mount On The Foot Of The Table,Double-Sided Sticks And Screws Can Be Used Together To Effectively Prevent Falling Off. If You Don?T Want To Nail In Your White Wall,You Could Use Double-Sided Sticks, But You Would Need Extra Sticks To Make It Stronger.If You Want To Remove The Brushwithout Breaking The Corner Of The Table Or Wall With The Glue, Remove The Brush And Use An Electric Air Blower To Warm Up The Glue And Tear It Off. Or Soak The Adhesive Paper With Wind Oil Essence And Wipe It With A Rag. If Screws Are Installed, They Can Be Removed And Affixed To The Nail Hole With A Beautiful Sticker .What Does Catnip Be Used For? How To Use It? Our Brush Is Designed With Inner Catnip Compartment,Addsome Catnipto Attract Your Cats To Use This Cat Brush By Themselves.Your Cats Would Not Use It At All If No Catnip.Some Of The Catnip Is Quite Choppy And The Brush Holes Are Quite Large, So Be Very Careful To Put The Catnip In And Not Shake Too Muchtoavoid The Powder Catnip Falling Out.We Haveupgraded This Cat Self Groomer To Make It Softer And Lengthened (The Bristles Are Lengthened As Well). 4 Steps To Teach Your Cats To Use It: 1. Look And Smell :Hold This Cat Brush, Let Your Cats Look And Smell It For A Few Minutes Or More 2. Brush Hair:Using The Brush To Brush Their Hair Of The Face Or Body, So That They Can Familiarize With It Without Fear 3.Add Some Catnip :Add Some Catnip To Attract Them To Use The Brush By Themselves. 4. Install And Teach