Eetoys Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers Nearly Indestructible Dog Chew Toys For Large Medium Small Dogs Teething Puppies Durable Tough Dog Toys Puppy


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Eetoys Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers Nearly Indestructible Dog Chew Toys For Large Medium Small Dogs Teething Puppies Durable Tough Dog Toys Puppy Chew Toys Made With Hard Nylon Dogs Up To 8Lb

Made With Safe Material – As With All Nylon Toys, Dogs Will Be Able To Chip Off Small Pieces And Make Teeth Marks To This Chew Toy, They May Swallow Chipped-Off Pieces And Should Pass Safely. Proper Supervision Is Recommended. Excessive Chewing Without Supervision On Any Chew Toys Can Cut And Cause Dog’S Gum To Bleed And May Crack Teeth.  When Using Nylon Toy The First Time, Start With A Short Chewing Session Such As 5 Minutes. Inspect The Toy To Trim Off Excess Chewed Up Surface When Necessary

Improves Dental Hygiene: Help Improve Your Dog’S Dental Hygiene To Keep Them Healthy And Save Money On Your Dog’S Dental Bills. Chewing Can Help Clean Teeth(Dental Calculus) And Control Plaque And Tartar, Effectively Cleans Teeth To Promote Oral Health And Soothes Discomforts From Teething.

Interactive Chew Toy – You May Also Apply A Thin Layer Of Treat Paste Such As Peanut Butter Flavor, Etc On The Groove Of Our Chompin Dog Bone Series To Prolong Playing Time. It Helps Your Dog To Release Excessive Energy, Reduce Boredom, Control And Reduce Destructive Behavior.

Size Chart(4Th Image) – Our Chompin Dog Bones Series Comes In Different Sizes And Flavors Such As Bacon, Lemon And Beef Available For Various Breeds. Suitable For Young And Mature Dogs And Helps Reduce Discomfort During Teething Period. We Recommend Pick A Size Larger Than The Width Of Your Dog’S Mouth, Proper Supervision Is Advised. Refer To The Size Chart Image & Choose The Size/Chew Strength That Is Suitable For Your Dog.

Satisfaction : Free Returns & Full Refund, If For Any Reason You Are Not Complete Satisfied With Your Purchase Or If Your Dog Does Not Like This Toy, Simply Request To Return Under Your Account Within 30 Days Of Purchase, You Will Get A Full Refund.  Dog Toys Will Not Be 100% Indestructible Since All Dogs Come In Different Sizes And Playing Style, Feel Free To Try It Out And Follow The “When To Replace” Instruction Accordingly.  Contact Us Anytime If You Need Further Assistance.

Eetoys Dog Toy For Aggressive Chewers Tough Durable Hard Dog Chew Toy Made With Nylon Heavy Duty Dog Toy For Teething Puppy Small Medium Large Dogs Durable Pet Toy- Made With Unique Tough Polymer Nylon – Stronger Than Regular Nylon. Dogs Will Be Able To Scrape Off Small Plastic Shavings And Making Teeth Marks On This Toy. It Is Part Of Normal Wear And Tears. Chompin? Series Is Designed To Resemble Real Bone Shapes That Attracts Dog?S Natural Interest. If Your Pet Tends To Chew On Wooden Furniture Or Gnaw On Hard Materials, This Is The Perfect And Safe Substitute To Satisfy Dog?S Natural Desire To Chomp. Uniquely Processed Polymer- Composed Of Safe And Odorless Hard Nylon Material, Prevents Breakage And Sharp Splinters While Chewing. Very Tiny Pieces Can Be Chewed Off By Dog?S Teeth, And They Will Safely Pass Through Dog?S Digestive System. Designed In Usa, Manufactured In China. Interactive Chew Toy – Chewing On Toys Can Help Relieve Excessive Energy And Reduce Stress That Often Lead To Unwanted Behaviors. Apply Paste-Like Treat, Such As Peanut Butter, On The Toy?S Surface Grooves Can Keep Dog Engaged For A Long Time. This Toy Is Easy To Clean, Just Rinse With Water.Our Chompin Bones Series Are Not Edible, Supervise Closely And Discard When Appropriate.Different Sizes & Flavors Available For Various Breeds.-Helps Reduce Discomfort During Teething Period. Excessive Chewing Without Supervision On Any Chew Toys Can Cause The Dogs Gum To Bleed And May Crack Teeth, Please Select The Proper Chewing Strength Toy For Your Dog. Proper Supervision During Chewing Time Is Recommended To Ensure The Safety Of Your Dogs.Benefits Of An Interactive Dog Toy:Kills Boredommental Stimulationexpends Excessive Energykills Aggressiveness