Grooming Comb For Dogs And Cats 7.2 Inches Find And Remove Uninvited Guests Light-Weight And Easy To Hold Doesn?T Pull Hair Sturdy Accessory


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Grooming Comb For Dogs And Cats 7.2 Inches Find And Remove Uninvited Guests Light-Weight And Easy To Hold Doesn?T Pull Hair Sturdy Accessory & Great Bonding Time With Your Pet 1Pc

Find Uninvited Guests Before They Spread With This Large Comb – Our Large Comb Teeth Measure 7” X 3” (18.5Cm X 6.4Cm) Allowing You To Quickly Cover Your Pet’S Body. The White Handle Provides An Ideal Contrast To Spot Stow-Away Pests Or Germs Hiding On Your Pet.

Happy Bonding, No Ouchies – Grooming Is A Great Way To Bond With Your Pekinese Or Golden Retriever, But Generic Combs Can Pull And Scratch. Our Comb Has Fine Rounded Pin Teeth So It Move Freely Without Pulling Or Scratching And Cause No Discomfort To Your Canine.

Keep Germs Out – Preventative Topical Treatments And Collars May Stop Uninvited Critters From Spreading On Your Pet, But It Won’T Stop Them From Jumping From Your Dog Or Cat Onto The Couch, Blankets, Even The Kids’ Beds. Using Our Comb To Find Them Lets You Stop Uninvited Guests Before They Make Your Home Theirs.

Suitable For All Ages With Its Ergonomic Shape And Light Weight – Our Ergonomic Handle Makes This Must-Have Comb Easy On Arthritic And Small Hands. So It’S Suitable For Use By Older Adults And Children As Well. It’S Also Super Light-Weight So You Can Care For Your Main Coon Or Ragdoll Without Fatigue.

Easy To Clean – It’S Important To Clean Grooming Tools To Avoid Nasties And Our Plastic Handle And Stainless Steel Teeth Discourage Bacteria Or Fungal Growth. They Can Be Easily Cleaned With Soap And Water Or Boiled If Needed.

Is It Important To Check My Pet’S Skin?

Your Pet’S Skin And Coat Condition Can Say A Lot About Their Health And Well-Being. Our Comb Makes Doing A Regular Skin Check Easy, Fast, And Enjoyable For You And Your Best Friend. Checking Your Pet’S Skin Can Help You Detect Lumps, Redness, Excessive Dryness, Or Sore Spots. Be Your Best Friend’S Best Friend And Check Their Skin.

Is This Comb Appropriate For Cats?

‘S Grooming Tool Is Ideal For Cats And Kittens. It’S Gentle And Won’T Pull On Long-Haired Cats. It’S Hard To Put Topical Treatments On Felines And Shampoos – Just Forget It! This Easy-Grip Comb Is Perfect For Finding Uninvited Critters And For Keeping Your Angora Or Persian Tangle-Free. This Is Essential For Avoiding Hairballs. Not Only Are Hairballs Nasty And Messy, But They Can Cause Intestinal Blockage. Combing Your Cat Also Gives You A Chance To Check Their Skin And Most Cats Love The Attention. Regular Grooming For Long-Haired Or Senior Cats Is Important For Their Well-Being And A Way To Show Your Kitty How Much You Love Them. Choose Our Comb For This Boding And Healthy Exercise.

How Do I Use This Grooming Comb For Uninvited Critters?

This Versatile Comb Is Very Easy To Use And, Unlike Topical Treatments, It’S A Great Bonding Time For You And Your Kittens Or Puppies. It’S Best To Use This Comb Outside Or In The Bathtub Because Uninvited Pests Like To Jump. Comb Against Your Pet’S Fur To Expose Their Skin. Have A Bowl Of Hot Water With Lemon-Scented Soap To Drown The Stow-Aways As You Find Them. Pay Special Attention To The Neck, Behind The Ears, And The Base Of The Tail. After You’Ve Examined Your Pet’S Skin And Fur From Nose To Tail, Reward Your Best Friend For Good Behavior. Reward Yourself, Too, You Just Showered Your Pet With Lots Of Love And Affection And Kept Nasty, Biting Critters Off Of Your Best Friend, You, And Your Home.