Self Grooming Brush For Cats 3.3? X 5.1? X 2.4? Self Massager Collects Loose Hair Mountable To Corners And Flat Surfaces Includes Brush


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Self Grooming Brush For Cats 3.3? X 5.1? X 2.4? Self Massager Collects Loose Hair Mountable To Corners And Flat Surfaces Includes Brush Catnip Screws And Adhesives Tape 1-Pc

Keeps Cats Groomed And Clean — Overall, Cats Are Actually Quite Good At Keeping Themselves Clean And They Really Enjoy Being Groomed. Regular Brushing Keeps Fur From Building Up Around Your Home. Giving Your Pets The Self Grooming Comb From Means You Will Spend Less Time And Money At The Groomer While Your Cats Enjoy Cleaning Themselves.

Bonus Catnip Compartment — As An Added Bonus, The Cat Grooming Brush Includes A Secret Hideaway Compartment To Hold Enticing Catnip. Cats Are Attracted To The Scent Of The Catnip And Will Begin To Act Happy And Energetic. This Encourages Your Furry Friends To Rub Up Against The Brush For Some Convenient And Enjoyable Self-Grooming.

Compact Design And Size — At A Compact Size Of 3.3” X 5.1” X 2.4”, The Self Grooming Comb For Cats Is Sensible, Versatile And Unobtrusive. Depending On Your Chosen Position, The Pet Brush Flat Against The Wall Or Snug Around The Corner. Placing It At A Low Height That Is Easily Accessible To Your Cat Keeps The Brush Out Of Your Guest’S View.

Includes Screws And Adhesive Tape — Along With The Grooming Brush, It Comes With Four Screws And Two Sheets Of Strong Adhesive Tape. This Gives You Multiple Options On How And Where You Decide To Install The Cat Comb. Use The Screws For A More Permanent Location Or Use The Sticky Tape For Temporary Placement.

Loved By All Breeds, Ages, And Sizes Of Cats — Whether You Have One Pretty White Persian Or A Clowder Of Multi-Colored Calicos, Your Furry Pets Are Sure To Love The Self Grooming Brush. Kittens Enjoy Rubbing Against The Brush Bristles Just As Much As An Adult And/Or Senior Cats. Short Hair, Long Hair, Straight Hair, And Curly Hair: The Amazing Wall Comb Is Suitable For All Types Of Cat Fur.

Cats Love The Self-Grooming Brush!

All Cat Owners Know How Much Their Furry Friends Love To Be Petted And Pampered. Felines Also Prefer To Be Clean And Well-Groomed. With The Self Grooming Brush For Cats, Your Pets Can Self-Massage, Scratch An Itch And Comb Themselves Any Time They Desire. When Cats Rub Against The Durable, Comfortable Grooming Brush, The Friction Gives Them Pleasure While Removing Loose Fur. Mount The Self-Massaging Comb At Just The Right Horizontal Height In Your Cat’S Favorite Area To Your Pet Can Fully Enjoy Their New Toy.

Quick And Easy Installation

For Ultimate Versatility, There Are Two Installation Options: Adhesive Mounting Or Screw Fitting.

Installing With Screws Is A More Secure And Firm Choice If The Self-Grooming Brush Will Be Heavily Used. Adhesive Mounting Is More Easily Removable And Acceptable For Small Cat Use.

Both Methods Can Be Used For Mounting Against A Flat Wall Or Corner. Table Legs, Chairs, And Outdoor Trees Are Other Places The Self-Grooming Brush Can Be Installed.

Be Sure To Mount The Grooming Brush With The Opening For The Catnip Facing Upward For Easy Refilling.

On The Back Panel Of The Pet Brush Are Eight Pre-Drilled Holes Which Are To Be Used As Guides For Screw Fitting. Use The Four Inner Holes For Corner Mounting Or Use The Four Outer Holes For Flat Mounting.

In A Similar Fashion As The Screw Fitting, Stick Four Pieces Of Included Adhesive Tape Near The Outer Holes (For Flat Wall Mounting) Or Stick Four Pieces Of Tape Near The Inner Holes (For Corner Mounting).