Dog Treat Ball Iq Interactive Food Dispensing Puzzle Toys For Small Dogs Chasing Chewing Playing Blue


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Dog Treat Ball Iq Interactive Food Dispensing Puzzle Toys For Small Dogs Chasing Chewing Playing Blue

_xdc3e_Safe And Plastic Free! Your Dog Is d To Have A Great Time With This Non-Toxic Rubber Dog Toys. Although Our Tough Chew Toys For Dogs Are Durable, They’Re Not Completely Indestructible, So Rest Assured That We Chose To Use The Safest Adhesives & Materials Available As Opposed To The Strongest.

_xdc3e_Perfect For Chewing And Treating-Tough Dog Toys That Withstand Playtime With Small Dogs. Fill With Your Dog’S Favorite Treats, Promoting Active And Healthy Slow Feeding, As Your Dog Plays And The Rolls The Ball, Treats Will Fall Out To Reward Them For Being Active, Meanwhile, The Treats Will Not Fall Out Easily, Prevent Your Dog Overeating.

_xdc3e_Teeth Cleaning- This Dog Toothbrush Chew Toys Are Structured To Clean Teeth, And Provide Other Dental Benefits, Including Gum Health. Your Dog Will Have Fun Playing With This Dog Floss Toy While Improving Dental Health!

_xdc3e_Reduce Anxiety In Dogs-Dogs Can Chew For Hours On Our Dog Activity Toys! With Their Attention And Energy Focused On Playing With This Tough Toy, There Will Be A Decrease In Anxiety! Dogs Won’T Chew Your Shoes When They Have This Toys Value Pack!

_xdc3e_What You Can Get -Csc Provide 1-Month Return And Replacement Service & Life-Time Free Customer Service-We Want Our Customers To Be 100% Happy And Satisfied-You Can Always Come To Us For Any Product Issue And Product Care At Our Store.

This Dog Treat Toy Is For Small Pet.  Chewing, Tooth-Cleaning & Treat-Dispensing  Dog Toys Be Made Of Rubber, Tough And Non-Toxic  80% Of Dogs Show Signs Of Periodontal Disease Can Lead To Life-Threatening Health Problems Including Heart, Liver And Kidney Damage.  Dental Disease Is One Of The Most Preventable Illnesses In Pets.  Plaque Begins To Develop Within Hours Of Brushing Your Pet’S Teeth And Can Turn Into Tartar In As Little As 3 Days.  Special Design  Double Layer Increase Durability. Hollow Design Can Stuff Treats To Extend The Life Of Expensive Dog Treats And Keeps Your Dog Busy For A Long Time. Special Rubber Wrap Helps Clean Teeth. Fresh Breath  Safely Fight Bad Breath With The Power Of Rubber Stick. These Adorable Beneficial Toys Are Sure To Keep Your Pup Busy For Hours While The Rubber Body Works To Gently Clean & Freshen Their Teeth  Reduce Tartar  Designed To Help Freshen Breath, Stimulate Gums, Reduce Tartar And Plaque Buildup As Your Dog Plays And Chews Away, Can Effectively Help Clean Their Teeth And Keep Their Gums Healthy  Extremely Durable Design  Made From Extremely Durable, All Natural Rubber To Withstand Even The Most Aggressive Of Chewers. While No Dog Toy Is Truly Indestructible, This One Comes Very Close.