100 Pcs / 10 Colors Cat Claw Caps Covers For Cats Nail Claws With Adhesives And Applicators S


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100 Pcs / 10 Colors Cat Claw Caps Covers For Cats Nail Claws With Adhesives And Applicators S

Safe And Comfortable: Cat Nail Caps Are Made From Premium Natural Vinyl Resin, Soft And Comfortable To Wear. The Cat Nail Caps Have Passed Europe Sgs Environmental Certification.

Natural And Comfortable, Will Not Interfere With The Normal Extension And Retraction Of Your Cats Nails. The Glues Have Passed Eu Msds, Safe And No-Toxic. Specially Used For Cat Nail Caps.

Colors: 10 Colors / Black, White, Blue, Sky Blue, Purple, Violet, Silver, Rose, Turquoise, Glow In The Dark Green

Package: 100 Pcs Cat Nail Caps = 5X 20 Pcs / Bag ( 10 Pcs / Color, Each Bag 2 Colors ) + 5X Adhesive Glue + 5X Applicators + Instructions.

: If You Are In Any Way Dissatisfied With A Product You Ordered, We’Ll Refund Your Money, Simply Contact Us. 100% Satisfaction .

Soft Nail Caps For Cats Cat Size Guide: Xs: Kittens Up To About 5 Pounds Generally Fit The Extra Small Size. S: 6-10 Pounds. Small-Boned Adult Cats Wear Small. M: 10-16 Pounds. Most Adult Average Size Cats Wear Medium. L: 16 Pounds And Up. Large-Boned Cats Wear Large. Application Methods And Helpful Tips 1

Trim Your Pet?S Nails To Get The Best Effect Of Wearing, Please Make Sure The Nails Of Your Cat?S Are Clean And Without Any Dust And Gravel. If Necessary, Wipe Them With A Cotton Bud With Alcohol. Trim The Nails To The Same Length With That Of The Nail Caps. If The Nail Cap Is Too Large, You May Trim The Open End Of The Nail Cap Until It Fits. For Kittens: Do Not Trim Kittens Nails Before Applying Nail Caps. You Will Need A Sufficient Claw Surface For The Glue To Adhere Properly. 2

Fill Adhesive Into The Nail Cap Open The Adhesive Tube Cap And Cut Off The Top Tip. Attach The Applicator Pipe To The Top. Completely Insert The Applicator Into The Nail Cap And Fill The Adhesive In To One Third Of It. Never Fill To Too Full To Prevent Overflow Of The Adhesive. 3

Slide Nail Caps Onto Nails Grasp Claws Of The Cats, Slightly Push Aside The Hair On The Nails And Expose All Of Them. Put The Nail Caps Onto The Nails And Make Sure They Are Completely Wrapped. After Putting On All The Nail Caps, Observe The Cats For Five Minutes And Make Sure The Nail Caps Are Fixed. 4

Train After The Nail Caps Put On After All Caps Are Applied, Observe Your Pet For At Least Five Minutes To Make Sure Nail Caps Are Secure. Some Cats Will Try To Bite Away The Nail Caps After They Are Initially Put On. Once It Happens, Immediately Cry It Down Until They Are Used To The Caps. But Please Don’T Worry, It Is Quite Normal. If It Is Necessary To Replace With New Nail Caps, Just Take Off The Remaining Nail Cap Materials And Clean The Nails. Nail Caps Should Always Be Replaced After 8 Weeks.