Betta Bubble Nest Leaves Mini 2 Inches Indian Almond Foliage For Successful Breeding Ideal Environment And Improved Health Egg Incubator 40


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Betta Bubble Nest Leaves Mini 2 Inches Indian Almond Foliage For Successful Breeding Ideal Environment And Improved Health Egg Incubator 40 Leaves Per Pack

Supports Breeding Process Of Bettas — Bubble Nest Building Is An Initial Step For Betta Fish Reproduction. The Male Bettas In Their Native Habitat Create Bubble Clusters Underneath Floating Debris And Wait For A Female Fish To Spawn. This Process Is Also Possible In An Environment That You Have Setup. Simply Add Our Leaves Meant For This Purpose In Your Aquarium. These Floating Indian Almond Leaves Are About 2” (5 Centimeters) In Size And Make A Healthy Breeding Ground.

Functions As Nursery For New Eggs — After The Female Fish Releases Eggs, The Male Betta Fish Captures Them In Its Mouth And Securely Places It Into The Bubble Nest He Created. These Created Foam Nests On The Leaves Are The Eggs’ Refuge During Incubation. Their Father Will Continue To Guard The Nest And Ensure Predators Do Not Come Near Until They Are Old Enough To Swim And Can Survive On Their Own.

Helps Create Relaxing Environment — Adding These Catappa Leaves In Your Betta Tank Makes A Less-Stressful And Familiar Territory For Your Fish. The Elements That These Leaves Release Lowers The Ph Level Of Water, Reflecting Beautiful Tea-Like Color Similar To Their Native Environment. One Of The Indications That Your Fish Are Happily Living Is That They Are Also Able To Create A Regular Bubble Nest, Which Means That They Are Fit To Mate.

Encourages Physical And Mental Enrichment — Functional Ornaments In Your Tank Will Help Your Intelligent Bettas To Be Both Mentally And Physically Active. These Dried Out Nesting Leaves Can Serve A Variety Of Functions In The Aquarium And Keep Them Away From Boredom. These Fantastic Leaves Can Be A Swimming And Hiding Areas, And A Napping Hammock, Among Other Purposes.

Easy Preparation And Usage — Rinse These Mini Bubble Nest Leaves Then Boil For About Ten Minutes Before Placing Them Into Your Betta Tank. A “Post-Boil” Soak Is Also A Recommended Additional Step. Once Done, Drop The Leaves And Enjoy Watching Your Siamese Fighting Fish Living Happily And Blowing Bubbles.

When Male Betta Fish Becomes Old Enough To Reproduce, It Starts To Create Bubble Clusters, Which Is The Initial Stage Of Reproduction. These Foam Nests Are Usually On Floating Debris Near The Water?S Surface. Producing These Bubble Nests Is Possible Even Without A Female Betta. If You Plan To Breed Bettas In An Aquarium, You Will Need To Place Some Betta Bubble Nest Leaves By Inside. After A Successful Spawning, Please Remove The Females Immediately From The Tank Because They Are Known To Eat Their Eggs. Let The Dad Take Over As He Collects The Eggs And Places In The Bubble Nest. He Will Guard To Ensure That Neither Predators Nor Intruders Can Even Come Close To Them.Breath Of Health To Create These Egg Incubators, The Male Betta Gulps Air Then Blows Bubbles Near The Water Surface. This Bubble Nest Leaves That Float On Water Is Suitable For The Job. Creating Bubble Nests Regularly Even If Not For Breeding Purposes, Is Also A Good Sign That Your Fish Is Living A Healthy And Happy Life. For Successful Breeding Results, Please Be Guided By The Following Possible Reasons That You May Need To Improve So That Your Male Betta Fish Can Create Bubbles: Health Conditions And Age Of Your Fish Strong Water Current Level (Keep It On A Gentle Intensity) Water Quality And Temperature (Maintain At 78-82 Degrees Fahrenheit) Insufficient Plants And Floating Debris Inside The Tanka Handful Of Help Aside From Supporting The Breeding Process, Adding Our Mini Bubble Nest Leaves In Your Betta Tank Can Also Keep Your Fish In Vibrant Health. The Elements That These Leaves Release Can Lower The Ph Level Of Water, Aids In Wound Recovery, And Also Relaxes Them. Each Pack Comes In 40 Pieces, And Each Leaf Is Approximately 2-Inches (5 Cm) In Size And Perfect On Enhancing Your Betta Tank In Terms Of Improving The Water Environment, Additional Aesthetics, And Successful Breeding.